Best Accounting Software For Travel Agents

To run a successful travel agency, a travel agent manages various activities essential for the success and growth of their business, and one of them is managing accurate financial records because these records show that their business is profitable and sustainable. In This article, we discuss the best accounting software for travel agents in this digital age that makes their work easy and smooth. 

1- FreeAgent.


FreeAgent accounting software is adaptable and the best accounting software for travel agents, freelancers, and small businesses because it manages all the financial activities of these businesses.  

  • Mileage Tracking:

Mileage tracking features are good for a travel agent because he moves from one place to another, and it easily tracks travel expenses. 

  • Financial Management:

Financial management and organizing financial data is also a feature of freeSuit accounting software. 

  • Budgeting:

It has the feature of budgeting, seeing the agency budget and planning accordingly, and getting targets financially. 

  • VAT Management:

If the agency deals with VAT, FreeAgent accounting software easily manages, calculates, and submits it smoothly.

  • Paid Tax Accurate:

FreeAgent accounting software makes filing taxes on time and accurately easier because it organizes all financial data.  

2- Riveso.

Rivesoaccounting Software

Riveso accounting software is the best accounting software for travel agents.

It is a wonderful software, especially tailored for travel agents. Due to its global reach and international client base, agents’ work is easy and possible.

Key Features. 

  • Multi-Language Support:

The multi-language support feature makes it unique, and this helps a travel agent easily and comfortably make documentation and communicate worldwide.

  • Managing:

It has the feature of managing all financial transactions and recording data.

  • IntercompanyTransaction:

If a travel agent has many branches of his agency, then Riveso records and manages all financial transactions within the branches. 

  •  Emphasis On Data Security:

Riveso accounting software strongly emphasizes data security and protects sensitive financial data. 

3- AccountEdge Pro

accountedge pro accounting software

AccountEdge Pro accounting software is a very detailed and comprehensive software that covers the needs and requirements of travel agencies because it is tailored according to this and is the best accounting software for travel agents.

Key Features: 

  • Accurate Timely Payments

Accurate and timely payments are possible by the payroll management feature of AccountEdge Pro accounting software If a travel agency has staff or employees. 

  • Track Inventory: 

It also has the feature of inventory tracking. This software records sales and purchases products that are related to travel products.

  • Track Time Billing:

Track the billable hours and expenses for various clients and projects and invoice them with detail. 

  • Data Backup Facility 

The data backup facility is an amazing feature that records and restores all financial data of travel agencies that may be used in future or further accounts activities. 

4- Sage Business Cloud Accounting.

Sage Business Cloud Accounting

The best accounting software for travel agents is Sage Business Cloud Accounting software because it is a powerful accounting software that manages all financial activities. It is tailored according to travel agencies and other business sizes. 

Key Features:

  • Customizing Facility:

It has the facility to develop professional customized invoicing and travel agents’ direct dispatch to clients by Sage Business Cloud Accounting software. 

  • Banks Reconciliation:

Bank reconciliation is its feature. It directly imports data from banks and maintains accurate and updated financial records.

  • Complicity:

Complicity is also this software feature. It collaborates with all team members and staff within the agency.

  • Financial Performance: 

Through customized invoicing facilities, financial performance and management become very easy.

5- Zoho Books.

zoho books

ZohoBooks is a wonderful and detailed accounting software especially tailored for travel agencies and those who handle tours and vacation packages, so ZohoBooks is the best accounting software for travel agents.

Key Features:

  • Inventory Management:

It tracks travel agency inventory, including travel-related products and services. 

  • Project Based Accounting: 

If the agency is related to an assignment and project base agency, then it has the feature of tracking all expenses and income incurred on this project 

  • Automation:

It has automation features like expenses, income, invoicing, payment and reminder, etc.

  • Client Portal:

Zoho Books provides the client portal feature and communication with their client.  

6- Wave.

wave accounting software

Wave is free accounting software and manages all financial activities. The best accounting software for travel agents. It is suitable for small-sized travel agencies and medium-sized travel agencies.  

Key Feature:

  • Free Accounting software: 

It has the advantage of being free of cost accounting software while managing all financial activities smoothly. It is the best option for travel agents who can’t afford the additional cost. 

  • Professional Invoicing:

Unless it is free accounting software, it creates professional invoicing and regular invoice billing. 

  • Mobile Friendly:

The key feature of Wave is that it is a mobile app. Due to mobile friendly, a travel agent easily controls everything and also makes payments during travel. 

  • Collaboration: 

Collaborate with the agency’s staff or team members and easily discuss financial issues. 

7- Xero.

Xero accounting software

Xero is the best accounting software for travel agents. It allows the management of all financial activities of a travel agency. A very strong accounting software provides the solution to revealing an agent’s accounting problems. 

Key Features:

  • Mobile App:

It is a mobile-friendly app, and a travel agent easily and comfortably manages all financial activity. 

  • Bank Reconciliation: 

A key feature of Xero accounting software is bank reconciliation, crucial for managing healthy financial performance. 

  • Multiple Currency Features: 

Multiple currency features are also very good features because they allow a travel agent to deal in smart and comfortable manners and easily make foreign currency transactions. 

  • Claim Expenses:

It also manages claim expenses in the agency.  

8- FreshBooks.

FreshBooks accounting software

FreshBooks is the best accounting software for travel agents because it is user-friendly and makes financial management easy and smooth. 

Key Features:

  • Automation Reminder: 

Automation reminder is the key feature of FreshBook. Automation reminders ensure timely receipts and payments.

  • Time Billing Tracking:

If a travel agency deals in time-based service, it avails the time billing tracking feature. 

  • Client Portal:

It also provides client portal services. Your client logs in to review the expenses and estimates and makes payments. 

  • Organize Expenses: 

It has the feature of smoothly organizing expenses related to travel and paying taxes on time. 

9- QuickBooks.

QuickBooks accounting software

QuickBooks is also the best accounting software for travel agents because it is designed for all business sizes. It creates and maintains healthy financial statements. 

  • Professional Invoicing: 

It has the feature to create professional invoicing. 

  • Chasing Expenses: 

It chases all expenses that are incurred in a travel agency. Especially related to airlines, accommodation, transportation, etc. 

  • Incorporate:

It is corporate with other travel agency booking platforms that make sync transactions. 

  • Customized Financial Reports:

 It is the feature of customized financial reports like profit and loss accounts. It also invoiced all transactions. 


These all are the best accounting software for travel agents, but it’s up to which software he chooses. Every accounting software has a special and unique feature, so a travel agent selects an accounting software that fulfills the requirements and needs of their agency. Before selecting accounting software, a travel agent must see their business size, budget, agency requirements, long-term or short-term projects, etc. Accounting management is very important for a healthy business. If a travel agent is satisfied with accounting software and manages it professionally, he focuses on his duty and provides excellent client services. 

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