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Everyone wants to avail better opportunities for their future, there are so many reasons to quitting a job. You may resign from your position if you find or avail yourself of better benefits like high pay, better benefits, and vacation facilities than in this job. But before resigning from any job, one thing to keep in mind is the process of moving from one position to another So, before resigning from a position need to think very carefully After taking the decision to resign from your job you must care about it that the relationship remains maintained with you former employer this is because for future reference or you may need this job again. So, you must write and send your resignation letter in a gratitude manner that shows respect for your former employer. A resignation letter must submit professionally. In your resignation letter include the last date of your working day, express gratitude, and an offer to help with the transition and it must be concise. before submitting or sending the Letter of resignation you must talk and discuss about your decision with your boss HR Manager, or former employer because it becomes very helpful for maintaining a good relationship with your former employer which is very helpful in future reference. Resigning is your own choice but keeping a good relationship with your former employer and colleague is your responsibility.

What Is a Letter Of Resignation? 

A letter of resignation is an official document that is written and submitted for quitting a job. As you send or submit your “CV” when you apply for this job which you made attractive and in that manner which impresses to reader same as you writing a letter of resignation for quitting your a job which shows gratitude and improvement in your skills. Resigning from a job is a major decision in life So, Should be taken it seriously. Writing and submitting a professional resignation letter is a key feature of the resignation process and can leave a lasting impression on former and future employers. The resignation letter should include an offer to assist in the transition, and thanks to your former employer for the time you were part of their company. In the letter of resignation express your good feeling about your company, your boss, and your colleagues because a healthy relationship maintaining is most important you never know when you return to this job and work with these colleagues and former employers at this job and do work with there colleague and former employer. Including the following elements in your letter of resignation.

Here are some templates / Examples for letters of resignation 

  • Your End Date

You should confirm the last date of your work. It is a professional and good way to submit or mention the last date of your work before the two weeks you must exist in the company after the resignation at least two weeks of this period you explain and give details about your project.

  • Help With the transition 

You should include an offer to assist with your transition. You express the surety helpful in the last two weeks about that professional and also provided the information which is helpful in the completion of the project.

  • Show Gratitude

In the letter of resignation write something special which shows gratitude. You must thankful to your boss who gives you this opportunity. Some Company doesn’t give two weeks time period and accept the letter of resignation immediately but some companies give two weeks to understand the project details.

  • Avoid unnecessary details

It is also very important to know what is not included in an official letter of resignation. You should not include a personal and emotional statement in your letter of resignation because most employers do this mistake.

  • comprehensive 

The letter of resignation is comprehensive without going into details. Details in the letter of resignation it to the point

  • Don’t need to explain the reason for leaving

Keep your language professional and positive while writing an official letter of resignation. Although the new job is better as compared to this job like, services, working environment, salary and benefits packages but don’t need to explain in your letter of resignation because it gives a bad impression.

  • Personal contact information 

It is optional that you provide your personal contact information in the letter of resignation. It is completely up to you if you want in touch or relationship with your boss or former employer then you write your personal contact information like your number, address, or email address.

  • Signature

In the last letter of resignation your signature is compulsory but if you want to send your letter of resignation via email then typed of your name is sufficient

  • How To submit the letter of resignation 
How To submit the letter of resignation 

there are two ways for submitting the letter of resignation via email and the other is to hand over the letter of resignation to your employer or whom specific person who has responsibility for the adoption of the letter of resignation. A formal and official letter of resignation serves as a paper trail. because you already inform your boss or former employer about your quitting this job So, this letter of resignation is just served as physical proof and if you may have faced any difficulty in your final payback or last day’s employee benefit then it becomes very helpful in any case.

  • Notification

Some companies may require a specific notification before two weeks of resignation. It is a better way to give notification for quitting or leaving your job. You must have a meeting with your boss or former employer and inform him why you leaving this job. This meeting, trust builds your boss, and it very helpful in the future. With the help of this notification, the relationship with your boss is maintained and if you may return or if you work in the same field then it becomes plus point for you.


You must keep in mind when you give a notification or a letter of resignation is that you polite, comprehensive, and to the point and don’t go into detail and must respectful. Do not need to show or explain the reason why you leave this job. Everyday employee gives the resign and the specific person who receive or accepts the letter of resignation is use to this process So, Make the process of submit the letter of resignation in professional way.

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