Hotel Operations Manager Salary

A hotel operations manager salary can vary according to location, experience, and size of the industry in which an operation manager works.

What Is a Hotel Operations Manager?

A hotel manager is accountable for all activities or operations which are made in the hotel and he makes sure it runs smoothly like, managing staff, forecasting, budgeting, organizing events, and guaranteeing that departments perform their job with efficiency and hard work according to requirements. Hotel operation managers expect their salaries according to their experience and the industry in which they perform their job as a hotel operation manager. 

How Much Does A Hotel Operations Manager Make?

How Much Does A Hotel Operations Manager Make?

 As we already discussed that a hotel operation manager salary is affected by many factors, for example, their location, experience with their job, and industry size which hires them but normally a hotel operation manager salary range in the US is $28,300 to $2,40,090 with a median salary of $49,720. A hotel operation manager makes an average salary in the US is $55,092. While in San Francisco a hotel operation manager makes $68,420 which is 24% greater than the US average.

Factors Affect Hotel Operations Manager Salary

A hotel operation manager salary varies due to many reasons. Many factors affect the hotel manager’s salary like,

  • Certificates

If a hotel operation manager is certified or has a certificate in his related field then his salary is high and the industry gives him responsibility according to his ability and knowledge. Before joining the field as a hotel operation manager you must get basic and advanced knowledge about this industry because it is very beneficial for your successful career.

  • Experience

Experience plays a very important role in any field of life and even in the hotel industry. If you are an experienced hotel operation manager then you know your duty and you perform it with comfort. Your experience in the hotel industry is very helpful for your salary potential. Normally more years of experience become the factor in the higher salary of a hotel operation manager.

  • Special Skills

Special skills play a very important role in your success in the hotel industry because it makes you attractive to hotels. You have the skill of management and leadership capability. 

  • Location

Location is another factor that affects the hotel operation manager salary because if the hotel industry in which you work is located in an area where people use hoteling routinely and the hotel runs with success then it pays you a high salary according to your ability. 

  • Industry Size

The industry size is also another factor that affects the hotel operation manager’s salary, for example, if the industry size is large then there are chances of career success and a higher salary. 

How To Maximize Your Earnings As A Hotel Operations Manager?

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There are many ways to increase or maximize your earnings as a hotel operation manager, for example, you are a specialist in your field and know your duty and perform it with comfort, second is that you have a professionally certified related to the hotel business like you are certified by American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute(AHLEI). Get training in customer service, computer proficiency, management and strong organizational leadership because it is very beneficial in maximizing salary potential.

Explore Your Skills As A Hotel Operations Manager 

After joining as a hotel operation manager in the hotel industry it is your responsibility that you explore your abilities regarding this industry. At the time of applying as a hotel operation manager you show your professional certificates, experience and special skills you have regarding this industry. You show your leadership and strong organizational capabilities which you perform in hotel operations and in running their activities smoothly. Explore everything about your knowledge and experience which makes you different from others.


One thing to keep in mind is that you have sufficient knowledge, experience and skills before joining your career as a hotel operation manager. You have something special which makes you different from others and the establishment wants to hire you as a hotel operation manager and set your salary according to your abilities.

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