How To Dress For Acupuncture 

How to dress for acupuncture treatment is very important to you because you know the dress you wear in your acupuncture treatment. With the help of this article, you have choices in wearing your clothes for your acupuncture procedure.

Dress For Acupuncture 

Before acupuncture treatment, you must know about the cloth you wear during your Joacupuncture treatment in which you and the treatment provider both feel comfortable. As you know acupuncture treatment is treated by needles so be careful in selecting attire that you want to wear in your acupuncture treatment without facing any difficulty during your treatment. Here are some tips to help you to choose the right cloth for your acupuncture appointment,

  • Slack-fitted cloth is a good option for the attire that you wear in your acupuncture treatment because it is very easily folded up and easy access to your arms, legs, and all areas where needle insertion is for treatment purposes.


  • Avoid wearing tight clothes like jeans, skinny tops, belts, etc. Acupuncture treatment is not possible in tight attire because it is not easily rolled up and faces difficulty during treatment for inserting needles in specific points of the body.


  • Typically acupuncture inserts needles in arms and legs so make sure you wear clothes that allow easy access to these parts. 


  • If you feel comfortable you avoid wearing full cloth, at the time of treatment, you wear undergarments or wear shorts or skirts, etc because in this way acupuncturists easily access your lower body.


  • Select short sleeves and loose Ioshirts in which you and the acupuncturists both feel comfortable.

Remove Jewellery

Remove Jewellery

Jewelry and other accessories like watches, bracelets, chains, etc are not allowed at the time of treatment. Before starting treatment you make sure that you remove all jewelry which may be gold or metal because it creates a disturbance during treatments. 

Hair Styling 

Hair Styling

You may have long or short hair but make sure that it completely pin up or cover and you feel comfortable during the treatment when you rest your head on the pillow. Make sure your hairstyle is simple and doesn’t create disturbance during treatment and your acupuncturist doesn’t face any troubles.

Shouldn’t Wear These Dress 

  • Avoid tight or skinny jeans and all clothes which are not easily rolled up or in which acupuncturists face problems during treatments.
  • Avoid using strong fragrances or perfume. 
  • Remove all makeup before starting treatment.
  • Avoid or remove oils and lotion because it creates difficulty in inserting needles during acupuncture treatments.



It’s totally up to you what you wear at the time of your treatment but make sure that you and your acupuncturists both feel comfortable and that treatments are complete with comfort. Your comfort is also very necessary during your treatments so you must make a meeting with your acupuncturists and clarify everything about the treatment because it is very important for avoiding facing further problems and it is also very helpful for your mental preparations for this therapy. 


As we know that acupuncture therapy is a traditional Chinese therapy that is done for stress release, to improve circulation and pain relief, etc, and this therapy involves inserting needles in the body at specific points so in this therapy your comfort level is most important. Before therapy, you clear everything and relish it, and make it a comfortable session. Before meeting you must have a meeting with your acupuncturists and clear everything up because your convenience level is most important for this therapy and if you have any problems regarding this therapy that is also cleared in this meeting.

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