How To Dress More Masculine As A Woman

There are many ways to dress masculinely as a woman but it depends on how to dress as masculine according to your style, comfort level, and status. This article is very helpful to you to learn how to dress more masculinely as a woman.

How To Dress More Masculine As A Woman 

You have many options if you want to learn how to dress more masculinely as a woman. For example, You can wear a suit the same as menswear but in your own style that shows your personality or status. If you select a men’s color in a suit (but that is suitable for your personality) because it gives you a more masculine touch. You avoid feminine details like avoiding laces, printed fabrics, raffles, etc.


Our dressing sense presents our personality so, if you want to dress more masculine as a woman then it is very important to you that your attire is the same as masculine but in your style. Here are some tips for you If you want to know how to dress more masculine,

  • Structured Clothing 

You have the option of selecting structured clothing which has more defined shapes such as button-up shirts, straight-cut pants, blazers, etc. Structured or tailored clothing gives you a more masculine touch.

  • Natural Colour 

You can select natural colors in your clothing for getting masculinity like grey, blue, black, navy, and brown because these colors are commonly used in menswear.

  • Associated With Man’s Clothing 

You select all those clothes that are traditionally related to men’s clothing. You can select oxford, loafers, or even suspenders.

  • Incorporate Sportswears 

You can wear sportswear because it is considered to be men’s fashion. Sportswear includes hoodies, joggers, sneakers, etc. You have the option to select all those things in clothing which are traditionally related to men’s wear.

  • Oversized Clothing 
Oversized Clothing

Oversize, large or baggy clothing also gives you masculinity. You can select an oversize shirt and baggy or loose pants. 

  • Experiment With Layering  

You also have the option of layer clothing. For example, you can wear a jacket on a hoodie or a vest coat on a button-up shirt like menswear. In your outfit, you can add more masculine elements.

  • Menswear fabric 

You also have the choice to select only menswear fabrics like flannel, wo,ol, or tweed because these fabrics are related to men’s fashion.

Accessories With Masculine Jewelry 

Accessories With Masculine Jewelry

For getting masculinity you accessorize with masculine jewelry. For example, you can wear all these accessories,

  • Cufflinks 
  • Tie Clips 
  • Signet Ring 
  • Wear Belt 
  • Watch

These accessories enhance your more masculine dressing and help out with your masculinity. You have the option to use all of the accessories that are traditionally related to man’s fashion but you must keep in mind your own personality. 

Mix And Match With Feminine And Masculine articles 

If you know how to dress more masculine then you have many options like in a dress, accessories, and in overall looking. You have the choice to adopt anything traditional or fashion related to only men’s fashion and you also have the opportunity to mix and match feminine and masculine articles but it is possible when you have the creative ability and know how to dress up. You must experiment with this mix-and-match because in this way you fulfill your desire for masculinity with a feminine touch. You have another preference for masculinity like,

  • Short Haircut 
Short Haircut

A short haircut style gives you more masculinity. You may adopt faery or bob short haircuts in which you look more masculine.


Confidence is a very important part of your personality. You may wear anything may masculine or feminine but if you don’t have confidence you lose your position. If you are confident then you stand in your position. In your masculinity confidence plays a very important role because in masculine dressing things which you wear may change to others so, in this situation you face everything with confidence. You aren’t afraid to experiment with new things but one thing to keep in mind is that you feel comfortable and more confident after wearing your dress. Before finalizing you find everything that gives you confidence and comfort.


Everything which you wear must be suitable for your personality and style and avoid overdoing it. Your first preference is your comfort and confidence. Make sure that What you wear must enhance your personality and you look more beautiful and different from others. The masculine dressing is just fun or an experiment for women so she doesn’t forget “Who is she” and how to dress masculinely.

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