How To Make Loaded Teas At Home Without Herbalife And In Business

If you want to learn how to make loaded teas at home without Herbalife and in business? You know everything in this article according to your question.

What Are Loaded Teas And Herbalife?

  • Loaded Teas

Loaded teas are a combination of natural or organic ingredients which are very helpful and improve our health. Loaded teas ingredients can boost energy, encourage weight loss, strengthen the immune system and boost metabolism. Because of natural ingredients, it has a lot of health benefits. Loaded teas have no artificial or toxic elements. Loaded teas made at your own home become low-cost and more delicious and if you have this business then you use this recipe in your business and attract your customers. 

  • Herbalife

Herbalife is a manufactured product which is a specialist in manufacturing protein powder, energy drinks, herbal beverages with tea extract, personal care and nutrition supplements. Herbalife tea has a huge amount of caffeine which has work to give energy and improve metabolism, but it is not good for health. ½ teaspoon of Herbalife in water makes a tasty drink but it has a lot of caffeine. Many people take it as a brand-new drink according to their taste or flavour. Manufacturers of Herbalife products advertise their products and motivate people to use this product and for this purpose, they may use personal links or social media platforms. 

Health Benefits Of Loaded Teas

Health Benefits Of Loaded Teas
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No doubt loaded teas have a lot of health benefits and it is delicious without using herbalife powder. There are some health benefits of the loaded teas like,

  •  Health Beneficial

It has health benefits because it has vitamins, boosts metabolism, source of energy, and weight loss and is also helpful in the digestive system. It has all organic and natural ingredients which are beneficial for our health and have no side effects like herbalife which has a lot of caffeine which is not good for our health. 

  • Organic

All the ingredients which are used in making loaded teas are natural and organic like gingers, honey, cinnamon, lemon and many other herbs. It doesn’t have any artificial or harmful ingredients which are risky for our health. You may make loaded teas at your home or in your business it always has organic ingredients. 

  • Delicious

Loaded teas are very tasty and delicious and are liked by everyone because they have a combination of tea, fruits and sweetener with ice.

  • Creative

You have many options for making loaded teas at home or in your business. You may use a teas flavour which you like, a combination of fresh fruits, spices, sweeteners and used favourite flavour. You make loaded teas at home or in your business according to your and your customer’s choice.

  • Strong Immunity System

Loaded teas are very helpful in a strong immunity system, boost metabolism and improve the digestive system. Loaded teas are also beneficial in weight loss. 

  • Cost

Loaded teas don’t need expensive store-bought products when you make them at home. All ingredients exist in your kitchen which is used in making loaded teas.

Ingredients Of Loaded Teas

Ingredients Of Loaded Teas
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There are all ingredients which we used in making loaded teas at home without herbalife or in our business,

  • Water

Water is a main ingredient in making loaded teas at home or in business.

  • Tea

You can select any flavour of tea which you like in the selection of tea bag, you have many options. Green tea improves the digestive system and boosts energy levels. Green is very effective and has many health benefits as compared to Herbalife because herbalife has caffeine which is not good for our health.

  • Herbal Ingredients

Herbal ingredients are a part of loaded teas which we make at home or in a business. You can add fresh or dried herbal ingredients including lemongrass, rose petals, jasmine, spearmint, lavender, chamomile etc. These herbal ingredients enhance your flavour and it is good from a health point of view.

  • Ginger

Ginger is good for our health and it gives outstanding results. Ginger has the capability of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory. It is good for our digestive system and also very helpful in weight reduction. You may use ginger slices or ginger juice in making your loaded teas at home without Herbalife. 

  • Cinnamon

Cinnamon is also an ingredient in your loaded teas. Cinnamon makes our loaded teas pleasant and has many benefits from our health point of view, such as it is very helpful in weight reduction, lowering blood sugar and preventing heart disease. 

  • Lemon

Lemon is also a part of our loaded teas. It makes our loaded teas tasty as well as having many benefits for our health such as being helpful in weight loss, the digestive system, full of vitamins C, strong immunity system and preventing cancer and heart diseases.

  • Turmeric

Turmeric has many benefits for our health and it is the main ingredient of our loaded teas. Turmeric is anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and good for bones and the heart. Turmeric has a lot of benefits for our health and fitness. 

  • Sweetener

You may use sweeteners according to your test in your loaded teas. Adding sweetener to your loaded teas is optional if you want then you add it. You may use maple syrup, sugar, honey, agave and stevia as sweeteners in your loaded teas. 

  • Combination Of Fresh Juice

You may use a combination of fresh juice in your loaded teas at home or in your business like apples, oranges and mangoes. Be creative and try out a combination of various fresh juices and find the perfect taste according to your taste. 

  • Additional Flavor

You may use additional flavours which you like and suit your taste like vanilla, almond milk, dried fruits etc.

Recipes Of Loaded Teas

Recipes Of Loaded Teas
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Process of making loaded teas at home or in your business.

  • Gathered Your Ingredients

Before starting the process of making your loaded teas at home you make sure to gather your ingredients and set out before starting because it is very important and in this way you focus on your process of making loaded teas.

  • Sheer Tea Bags And Ginger With Spices In Boiling Water

Boil sufficient water that fills your desired glass or mug. Add in tea bags or loose tea leaves as you desire and ginger slice, turmeric, and cinnamon, and boil it for 5 to 10 minutes depending on how strong you prefer it. After enough boiling, remove it from the heat and strain it in a teapot or any other pot you desire.

  • Assemble Your Herbal Infusion

Now you put your fresh or dried fruits and other flavors such as lavender, jasmine, rose panels, chamomile, etc. You add it for 5 to 10 minutes before serving. You can also add fruit peels or nuts as you desire. 

  • Add Flavouring And Sweeteners

At this stage, you add flavoring like vanilla extract, almond milk, fruit juice, lemon, and desired sweeteners such as honey, maple syrup, agave, stevia, or sugar adding, and stir it well.

  • Add Fresh Fruits For Extra Nutrients And Aroma

You add extra fresh fruits for nutrients and aroma. Fruits like mangoes, berries, and oranges give natural sweetness and also enhance flavour and aroma. Familiar fruit like apples, peaches and pears are the preferred option to include in your loaded teas. Make sure before adding it is free of chemicals or other pesticides everything removes from it.

Variations in Loaded Teas

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You can make variations in your loaded teas. You may take it as cool, normal temperature or hot. You can put in ice and add fruits or flavour which you want. The making process stands the same but you variant it according to your desire such as options in fruits, nuts, favouring and sweeteners.


No doubt loaded teas at home are good for health as compared to Herbalife. Herbalife products have a lot of caffeine which is not good for our health and creates complications in our health while loaded teas which we make at home are completely safe for our health and give excellent results. You have many other options in the variation of loaded teas and you make them according to your desire. Organic and natural products are always good for our health and give perfect results. 

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