What is the accounting number on a check?

An account number exists at the bottom of the check. The account number is important for any account holder because, with the help of this account number, all transactions become possible via check or online. by using our bank account we easily make an online payment like payment of bills and receive and send money easily. Anyway, the Account number is a unique identity that a bank gives to its account holder for the parpose of his or his account.

1. Routing Number On Check 

Routing Number On Check 

At the bottom left corner of a check has a series of numbers the first series of nine-digit numbers is the routing number. This routing number refers to or identifies the financial institution or bank which is drawn this check. The routing number is always in nine digits and for writing these digits used MICR (magnetic ink character recognition). It has also the same importance as an account number and a check. The third series is the check number. A routing number is also used for electronic payment, direct deposit and funds transfer even all transitions need a routing number along with an account number

2. What is the account number and How is work?

What is the account number and How is work?

The account number is unique and is given a unique identity to the account holder account number has very important for the account holder because with the help of the right account number all transitions become possible while if we put the wrong account transition is not possible. The account number is unique and it gives by a bank for your account identification. At the bottom of the check on the left side, it checks three series of numbers. The first series of numbers is routing numbers and the second series of numbers is account numbers and the thee or lost series of numbers is checked numbers. The account number is written by magnetic ink character recognition which is special toner for processing checks. The account number is always between 9 to 12 digits. An account number has all important information about any account, for example, an account number tells the status of the account, its amounts, and its type like a current account or saving account. So make sure that you use your account number with the right information in the right way. But now the password facility is safe for our account number.

3. Routing Number VS Account Number

  • the first series the set of numbers left corner is the routing number on the check.
  • Always nine number digits in the routing number
  • The routing number is the identification of the financial institution of the bank in which the account is opened.
  • All transaction is possible by using of routing number.
  • Second series, the set of numbers on the left corner of a check is the account number.
  • 9 to 12 digits in the account number.
  • The account number is the identification of the account holder like ID, fingerprint, etc.
  • An account number is compulsory for making transactions possible.

4. Way Of Finding Routing Number & Account Number

  • You can be found of both sets of numbers in these places.
  • Following are the ways for trading the routing numbers and account numbers.
  • You can find these sets of numbers on your check.
  • Find it on your bank statement.
  • You can find it by using the mobile banking app.
  • Find It on the bank website.
  • Call bank customer care.
  • Both the series of routing number and account number are printed at the bottom left corner on a check
5. What Is IBAN
What Is IBAN

IBAN mean an International bank account number, It is a global stander for sending bank payment. IBAN is Consist of 34 alphanumeric characters which help to identify the country, bank branch, and account. Australia, Asian countries, and North America don’t use IBAN for domestic payments used only when payments sent to those countries ho adopted IBAN


It is important to know about the importance of the routing numbers and account numbers. Both the routing number and account number is necessary for making transaction possible. missing any series of number face difficulty in transactions. Now the faculty of password protect the account number from use in the wrong way. It is necessary you have all the basic information about your account number along with the importance of the account number

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